Many thanks for your prompt and helpful response Simon. If you ever want to add to your list of testimonials please feel free to use as much of the following as you choose:

I have been in the IT business for over 30 years in both teaching and practising roles. Since the first possibility of clients being able to freely edit their own website I've seen this as a holy grail! I love designing websites but really dislike having to up-date them (especially when I'm supposed to be on vacation)! I'm sure I've tried every new CMS system as it has appeared and, until now, found none to be satisfactory.

The fall into one of two categories, either they are too complicated (I have a Masters in IT and some of them have quite baffled me) or they are way too expensive - indeed, many of them were both too complex for the average non-IT-savy user and too expensive. Then it happened, I stumbled upon Simple CMS. As I watched the video I thought "if it's that easy it's going to cost and arm and a leg!" Well I was wrong! A client of mine (a lady in her 70's) said "This is so easy it's enjoyable!). The icing on the cake is the pricing, I can include all my website clients for a very small capital outlay, thus reducing my annual 'incidental' expenses considerably.

So thank you Simple CMS and a huge well done!

Lesley W
Info Grafs

Thank you SO much for getting back to me so quickly, I really appreciate it! I love Simple CMS and your customer service is excellent!!

Jeanie B
Pandhandle Graphics

Good afternoon ... absolutely love Simple CMS and have now upgraded to a paid account ... love the system!


I love the system and the simplicity it brings, I'm currently using with a couple of websites. Everything has been working great!

Andrew R

You have the best cms product out there!!!!

Allen O

I've been with you guys for a few years now... I think you have an awesome system that helps me get my foot in the door with businesses so they can start editing right away. Thanks again for all you guys do!

Alex B

Merry Xmas to you as well. BTW - I really like your CMS editor, and so do my clients. Good job.

Mark S
Lightwave Studio

First of all, let me just say I love SimpleCMS, and this is only after using it for about 4 hours today. I built an iOS app for my company and was looking for a simple way to manage the html content stored in separate files on my web server. I had SimpleCMS up and running in 15 minutes.

Barry J

Thank you so very much for all the help! You truly went above-and-beyond for me, and I am grateful.

Chris F

I just upgraded to the professional plan after a nightmare experience with PageLime. I appreciate your platform for its simplicity.

Matthew L
Daydream Creative

Gracias por su interés en atenderme esas son las cosas que una empresa siempre debe tener por delante. Me gusto mucho todo, los felicito.

Juan G

Your system is so amazingly clean and simple I love it!

Quiet Lion

I really like SimpleCMS. It's easy for my clients to use.

Linda M
Linda Meyer Web Design

I am VERY impressed with how SimpleCMS works ... I'd also like to just wish you every success in your business selling this product. I will of course recommend it to any website designer that I talk to asking for such a package.

Gareth P

Your product is AWESOME!!!! I have 30 something client website's on it and it is by far the best web interface cms out there... keep up the outstanding work!

Allen O
Meredith Communications

SimpleCMS is so light and easy to use compared to the clunk of blog based options etc.

Web Cornwall

I was using SimpleCMS as a development test for a site redesign. The client decided to go with his existing Drupal CMS (not my choice) for the redesign. As such its been nothing but a long series of problems that SimpleCMS could have solved in short order. So SimpleCMS is at the top of my list for the next clean slate site design.

Jim W

I [would like to] take this opportunity to congratulate the Simple CMS team on an excellent editing suite which is ideal for our clients.

Sue C
Quintessence Design, Cyprus

Thanks for the quick response! Great customer service. Btw: I really love simple CMS!

Florian W

Thanks for all the work you guys do on SimpleCMS. Without doubt yours is the best CMS that I or anyone else I talk to has ever used.

David B

I just want to say your customer service is beyond EXCELLENT. It's seriously so refreshing to work with a company who genuinely takes care of their customers. Is there somewhere I can write a testimonial for your company? A letter I can write so you can win some kind of an award?

Alex B

I have been looking around for something like this for a long time and now I have found it. The interface is easy and the pro version can be branded. Wow.


Your support is just amazing and that is why I keep recommending people to you guys. Thanks again and we will continue to support SimpleCMS, it is just amazing!

Lucas B

By the way, if you need a testimonial, just ask, your GUI and setup is much better than Cushy CMS...

Steve S
Spinner Design

This new version is a HUGE improvement and this seriously puts you way above your competition.

Brandon W

I have an assignment at school and I have to choose a CMS. Yours really sucks, you can't change colors, size, layout and you have no free themes! My grandma could make a better system.

Shaco Lina <shaco1337@hotmail.se>

I'm so very happy with your service. Clients love it... It's awesome!

Mitch D

I searched high and low for the easiest CMS. And then, after trying the usual suspects (which are not easy to use!), I stumbled upon the holy grail of CMS simplicity.

Darren C

As a relatively new web developer, the help I have received from SimpleCMS has been second to none, nothing has ever been too much trouble.

Julian W
RCT Web Design

We offer Joomla to our heavy duty clients but I've been looking for a CMS solution to offer our lower budget clients and SimpleCMS is perfect!

Gareth R
AnchorPrint Group Ltd

Simple CMS is the answer to our prayers! It passed what I call the 'one minute test' of figuring out the general idea of the system. I had it running on a site in about 5 minutes. It's a very cost-effective solution too.

Jon B

After many tests with different content management systems I stumbled across SimpleCMS and I was finally comfortable with something. The idea behind it is simply amazing, without the need of a 2 hour lesson on how to use it!

Jeremy W

I use Simple CMS to give my clients a quick and easy way to make changes on their site without me having me to maintain a extensive back end infrastructure. I pass the savings to them and they become long term clients.

Clinton A
Austin IT Consulting

I found SimpleCMS very easy to use and have since used it with multiple clients. I would strongly recommended it to anyone looking for a Simple CMS solution.

Jared H
The Perfection Group

Fantastic! I have already recommended SimpleCMS to all my designer friends who are still freelancing, but this service-level is so amazing I may have to recommend all over again.

Charlene P
Adaptable Ink

Just a thought, but if you wanted me to write a testimonial for your site, please let me know - you've been outstanding and I really appreciate all your help.

Karl L
Cascade Design

Fantastic product you have here! The new version of your system is very good. In my opinion, you've just kicked every other self hosted CMS competitor out of the market.

Eric L
Langlitz Studio

The true beauty is how simple the user interface is for the client... if they are able to use a routine word-processing application then they should have no trouble - it also keeps advanced features protected from novice hands. Thank you SimpleCMS, what a great product.

Steven H
Spicy Placenta Design

Until last month I had been scanning through God knows how many different CMS solutions for months and couldn't really find what I was after anywhere. SimpleCMS is exactly what I needed and so simple, easy and efficient to use not just for me but also for my clients.

Karl J

THIS IS AMAZING, you guys just made my life so easy! THANK YOU!

Jake P
5j Design LLC

I have been looking for a system like this for quite some time. I know it's difficult to create something so complex but extremely easy to work. I hope you continue to keep this system simple because it sets you apart from the competition.

Buster C

I'm really impressed with the system you've developed. I've been searching for something simple for my clients to use that didn't take a bunch of time for me to implement. Search over!

Heidi M

I'd just like to say what a fantastic tool SimpleCMS is! Really intuitive!

Adam S

Excellent! You have a truly amazing tool here. I am going to transfer all of my sites over to SimpleCMS. I love the interface and ease of use. Keep up the good work!

Mike J

You have a great product as well as a great service, like I am now experiencing with you!

Silverstone Studio

I've just built a site for someone who absolutely loves your cms - she thinks it's the most user friendly thing she has ever used on the web and is busy updating her site with gusto and ease...

Redback Design

I've tested over 20 "simple" CMS demos and I couldn't find a single solution that met all of my criteria... until now. You can bet that I will be promoting it among other designers!

Matt T
MT Web Solutions

I just want to let you guys know that I'm really pleased with your CMS service. It's SIMPLE, elegant, user-friendly and stable. I've found out that my least IT educated clients that don't have any web design knowledge can work with it just fine.

Mikhail L
CrossRoad Web Design

I upgraded to Professional and I love it! I have been searching for (and even trying to build my own) a CMS system to update Facebook iFrames and client websites... SimpleCMS is the perfect solution. Thanks again!

Jayson K
Jedia Public Relations